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The Morning After: 2020 Corvette adds NFC, 1080p and OTA updates

Oh, and it moved the engine.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to your weekend! Chevrolet unveiled its tech-filled 2020 Corvette, and Comic-Con is in full swing. We'll take a look back at someone this week's highlight stories, like Neuralink's plan to connect brains with computers, and fresh news from Friday like Hulu's surprise Veronica Mars drop.

Standing in the shadow of the Apollo missions, 50 years later.NASA's plan to return to the Moon with Project Artemis

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NASA's Project Artemis (aptly named as the goddess of hunting is Apollo's twin sister) aims to take humans back to the Moon by 2024. But there are many lingering questions about the destination, the goals, the motivations, the project itself, NASA's current readiness level and whether it has the support in Congress to move forward.

The new entry-level MacBook Pro is a much-needed upgrade.Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro review (2019): This is the one

Apple's latest MacBook Pro isn't the redesign some are waiting for. But it's a strong refinement of the existing formula, particularly in the speed department. For $200 more than a MacBook Air, you get a much faster machine.

Gear and gadgets and more for beyond your front door.Engadget's guide to all the outdoor gear you need this summer

The weather is, well, getting there. It's time to step outside and enjoy the outdoors, whether that's the trail or the backyard. This week, we have some gear recommendations to ratchet it up a notch. If you really want to escape, we can show you how technology can help you live in nature full-time (and still keep your job) and what to pack should (natural) disaster strike. For those who just want to enjoy the ride between home and work, we have some treats for you, too.

It's like a sewing machine. Sort of.Elon Musk's Neuralink plans to install brain-computer interfaces in humans next year

Two years ago, we heard about Elon Musk investing heavily in Neuralink, a company dedicated to building a device that links human brains to computers. Now, it has unveiled the "threads" and other hardware that it says can actually do the job. So far it has been done in rats, and according to Musk, "a monkey has been able to control the computer with its brain."

Thanks to a robot carefully inserting the wires near groups of neurons, the hope is that not only will it assist patients in restoring things like movement or sight, but possibly help humanity keep pace with AI.

Besides some phone-like specs, it also moves the engine to a new spot.2020 Chevrolet Corvette comes with NFC, 1080p video and wireless charging

After decades of speculation and nearly endless teasing, Chevrolet has unveiled the long-awaited mid-engined Corvette. Scheduled to begin production later this year, the 2020 Stingray brings the "fastest 0-60 time of any entry Corvette ever" -- with a starting price promised under $60,000 and a right-hand-drive version -- thanks to a naturally aspirated 6.2L V8 engine capable of 495 HP.

The Performance Data Recorder / Valet Mode system it added in 2014 has been updated for high resolution 1080p recording, and its nose can use GPS to remember where speed bumps are, then automatically lift when it gets near one. It also has Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, wireless charging and NFC.

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The Morning After: 2020 Corvette adds NFC, 1080p and OTA updates