YouTube will stream Lollapalooza live starting August 1st

It'll also be available through YouTube Music.

It's going to be particularly easy to watch Lollapalooza concerts online this year. YouTube is livestreaming the 2019 music festival between August 1st and August 4th, both through Lollapalooza's channel as well as through YouTube Music. You'll see "curated" performances from the likes of Janelle Monae and Twenty One Pilots, but there will also be three streams to follow the action from multiple stages. It won't be the same as being there, but that might not be a bad thing if you're less than fond of sweaty crowds or making a pilgrimage to Chicago.

The festival will also include some YouTube-exclusive canned segments, including backstage moments that will sometimes pop up inside the live streams. In that light, Lollapalooza is as much a opportunity for YouTube to flex its creative muscles as it is about raking in views. Don't be surprised if you see the company leaving more of its mark on festivals going forward.