Bird's latest rideshare scooter is designed to thwart vandals

It also comes with 50 percent more battery life.

Rideshare scooters are designed to be a quick and convenient way to get around town, but because we're not allowed to have nice things, many are falling foul of damage and vandalism -- there's even an entire Instagram account dedicated to trashing them. But Bird is taking a stand, and has unveiled its next generation e-scooter that boasts an arsenal of anti-vandalism features.

The Bird Two comes with autonomous damage sensors, seamless screws, anti-theft encryption, puncture-proof tyres and an industrial-grade anti-tipping kickstand -- so they're far less likely to end up scratched, battered or at the bottom of a river. Its update is good news for well-meaning riders, too, as the Bird Two's battery has over 50 percent more capacity than the Bird One, so you can scoot for longer. It's expected to roll out in the US early this fall, with information on additional regions to follow.