Burger King takes the Impossible Whopper nationwide August 8th

You can soon get the plant-based patty at any BK location.

Burger King announced today that it is adding the Impossible Whopper -- the chain's famous Whopper burger made with a plant-based patty from Impossible Foods -- to its menu nationwide. Starting on August 8th, you'll be able to go to any Burger King location in the United States and get your hands on the alternative meat burger.

The nationwide expansion comes after several successful tests in smaller markets. Burger King initially introduced the Impossible Whopper in April of this year as part of a trial run in St. Louis. The company then added the burger to the menu of its locations in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, Baltimore, Columbus, Georgia and Montgomery, Alabama. According to a report from inMarket, Burger King locations with the Impossible Whopper saw significantly more traffic than the company's national average after introducing the plant-based burger.

In addition to taking the Impossible Whopper nationwide, Burger King is partnering with DoorDash to deliver the burger directly to people's homes. From August 8th to September 1st, DoorDash will deliver the Impossible Whopper with a $0 delivery fee. Users can also order the Impossible Taste Test -- an Impossible Whopper and original meat-based Whopper -- for $7 with no additional delivery fee. To enjoy the fee-free delivery, users can use the promotional code IMPOSSIBLE at checkout on DoorDash.

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