ActionDash 4.0 lets you set a schedule for 'focus mode'

No need to manually switch the mode on anymore.

Earlier this year, ActionDash added "focus mode" to its list of features to help you cut down on screentime even more. By doing so, the digital wellbeing app was able to offer the functionality before Google rolls out its own version with Android Q later this year. Now, ActionDash is giving its take on the feature a boost by allowing you to specify when you want it to activate automatically. Version 4 of the application comes with what the company calls "focus mode schedules," so you don't have to manually toggle it on anymore.

You can set a work morning schedule, for instance, to make sure focus mode is switched on during weekday mornings, preventing you from absent-mindedly scrolling social media feeds instead of being productive. If you're having trouble sleeping, you could also schedule focus mode to switch on before bedtime.

When the mode is toggled on due to a schedule, the display will show a countdown-style screen to let you know how long you'll have to wait before it's turned off. While you can still manually deactivate the mode, the hope is to give you some time to think whether you actually need to access the apps you've blocked. Finally, if you're also using the company's home screen replacement app, Action Launcher, you'll find that long-pressing a blocked app now shows why it's restricted and when you can start using it again.