You can chat with Shopify stores from virtually anywhere

No more having to rely on Apple or Facebook.

You might not have to switch to Apple's iMessage or Facebook Messenger the next time you want to talk to a favorite online store. Shopify has introduced a native chat feature (appropriately called Shopify Chat) that lets you talk to a store through any page, regardless of your browser or operating system. There could always be help on hand, whether you're looking for pricing info on your phone or a recommendation when you're on your PC at home.

It's easier for the shopkeepers, too. A keyboard inside the Shopify Ping app for stores can help merchants find the discounts and products you need without disrupting the conversation.

How well it'll work will depend on the store you're dealing with, of course, but this could still be a boon if you tend to buy from moderately-sized online stores. They'll have the kind of built-in chat features you previously might have only received from heavyweights, and that could mean better support the next time you're in a bind.