US will reportedly give Huawei another temporary reprieve

Your smartphone could stay up to date for nearly all of 2019.

Huawei hasn't had any luck reversing the US trade ban despite promises of removing some restrictions. It might be a long while before the company is forced to cut all its ties, however. Reuters sources have claimed the Commerce Department is expected to grant Huawei another 90-day "temporary general license" that will renew a reprieve set to expire on August 19th. The arrangement will reportedly let Huawei both maintain current telecom networks and supply software updates for phones. Your P30 Pro should still be up to date months after the ban took effect, and might even stay current throughout 2019.

The situation "remains fluid" and leaves a chance that the license will be allowed to expire, according to the tipsters. The Commerce Department declined to comment.

It wouldn't be a shocking move. The US has used the ban and the initial reprieve as leverage in its trade dispute with China, and granting an extension could be part of that strategy. If China wants to keep that license going or permanently lift some of the restrictions, it might have to make key concessions. Don't assume that any Huawei devices you have will keep receiving software upgrades throughout its lifespan, then, as the US could just as easily yank support.