Three UK rolls out 5G home internet access in London

It's not mobile data, but it's a start.

Yet another carrier is offering 5G in the UK -- although it's not on your phone. Three has launched 5G home broadband in parts of London, giving people "fibre-like speeds" (the carrier hasn't given specific numbers) without requiring a technician visit. Pricing is simple, too -- there's just one £35 ($43) plan that offers "truly unlimited" access on a one-year contract.

You can get the equipment the next day for free, but Three will bring it to you the same day for £20 ($24).

This isn't the mobile 5G service you might have hoped for, although Three recently said it would deploy the next-gen wireless service in 25 UK cities by the end of 2019. It also stressed that mobile users wouldn't pay extra for 5G, as with rivals like Vodafone. Really, Three's advantages are its low cost and its large 100MHz chunk of 5G spectrum. It's hoping that you'll not only be tempted away from wired broadband, but that its network will have enough real-world capacity to live up to 5G's potential.

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