Grammarly's keyboard suggests synonyms to make you feel smart

It could also help your vocabulary, your phraseology, your...

If you ever struggle to find the mot juste when texting your friends, Grammarly might just have your back. Its mobile keyboard for Android and iOS now suggests synonyms while you're typing, giving you a handful of words that might be appropriate -- or apt, or fitting, or suitable. You can wish a friend a splendid day when "good" is just too dry, or show contrition when saying "sorry" doesn't seem sincere enough.

You can toggle the feature through the settings in Grammarly's companion app. It could be tempting to overuse this -- you don't really need to tell someone you're feeling sublime or stellar when "great" would suffice. It might help you appear well-versed, but it's up to you to use your newfound power wisely. Nonetheless, it could be incredibly valuable if you're losing your perspicacity and could stand a few more arrows in your linguistic quiver.

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