Tidal shares songs as Stories in Facebook and Instagram

This includes videos.

iHeartRadio isn't the only streaming music service helping you share music as Stories in recent days. Tidal has introduced an option to share tunes directly as Stories in Facebook and Instagram, helping you convey your musical mood to your followers. You can share videos, too -- viewers will see 15-second snippets of concerts and other footage if you post clips on Instagram, and still images on Facebook.

The feature is available now in Tidal's Android and iOS apps. As with similar social efforts, it's not likely that your friends are going to switch services after you share a catchy track in your Stories. However, that's not really the expectation here. This is more about raising awareness of Tidal and catching those people who were on the fence. If even a fraction of Story viewers sign up, Tidal will have accomplished its goal.

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