Waze adds easy access to YouTube Music while you drive

You can finally use Google's music service while you navigate.

You'd think Google would have raced to make YouTube Music controls available inside Waze, but not so -- numerous third-party services got there first. At last, though, there's some harmony. Waze has added YouTube Music integration that brings playback controls to your navigation screen on both Android and iOS. As with other apps, you can quickly skip a track or give it a thumbs-up without having to switch apps -- important when you're eager to put on a favorite tune before the traffic light turns green.

The integration is rolling out now, and should "soon" reach all 50 markets where both Waze and YouTube Music are available. This probably won't persuade you to switch to YouTube Music if you're happy with another streaming service (especially if it's already supported in Waze). It could, however, make life decidedly easier if you tend to listen to YouTube Music during your daily commute.