OtterBox reveals a portable and stackable wireless charging system

The OtterSpot Charging Base can power three wireless charging batteries and a device.

OtterBox has a solution to limited battery life. Today, the company revealed OtterSpot, its Qi wireless charging power bank, and stackable batteries. The OtterSpot Charging Base looks a bit like a thin hockey puck. It's designed to be stackable, meaning you can pile up to three puck-like OtterBox Wireless Charging Batteries and a device on top of it and charge all of them simultaneously. Each battery can then power any Qi-enabled device and support wired charging via a USB-C port. The battery packs come with 5,000 mAh of capacity and up to 10-watt wireless charging speeds.

The base charging system starts at $129.95 and includes one wireless battery. Additional batteries and charging bases cost $69.95. OtterBox is also offering a Wireless Charging Pad, $49.95, and a Charging Stand, $59.95. The charging devices will work with Qi-enabled phones like the iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S10, Google Pixel 3 and others.

These days there are plenty of Qi wireless charging power banks to choose from, though most need a wall adapter. The portable batteries will likely appeal to those on the go. If you own a Tesla Model 3, you might opt for the car's charging pad. But if you were holding out for Apple's AirPower (long-promised and recently canceled), the OtterSpot might be a consolation.