Miami’s gathering electric scooters before Dorian sends them airborne

With the potential for 130mph winds, the City of Miami isn't taking any chances.

With the help of hurricane-force winds, dockless electric scooters could soon start terrorizing more than mere city streets. The City of Miami has asked electric scooter companies to collect their fleets out of fear the vehicles could become flying projectiles once Hurricane Dorian makes landfall this weekend, reports CNBC. The municipal government issued a noon Friday deadline to all six of the companies that operate scooters in the city -- including Bird, Lime and Uber -- to pick up their respective fleets.

As a precaution, some of those same six companies have also started collecting their fleets in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Orlando, cities that are on the expected path of Dorian. According to Bloomberg, Miami is home to the most electric scooters in the US. In the case of Lime alone, the company maintains a fleet of some 1,500 scooters (and 500 bicycles) across Miami, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. Earlier today, Hurricane Dorian was upgraded to a Category 3 storm. When it makes landfall, it could become a Category 4 storm, at which point it could produce winds that travel at more than 130 mph.

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