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Bosch's electric stroller tech helps carry your baby uphill

It's connected to your phone, too.

It's not just grown-ups that might appreciate electrified transport. Bosch has unveiled an "eStroller" system that uses dual electric motors and sensors to not only reduce the effort involved in carting your young one around, but prevent the stroller from going in unexpected directions. It'll automatically study the road surface to help you push uphill, brake on the descent and keep it on track during lateral slopes. The technology will also bring the stroller to a halt if you lose control or battle fierce winds.

The battery system has its own conveniences. While the nine-mile range won't allow for the lengthiest walks by itself, Bosch's design uses 18V replaceable lithium-ion batteries like the ones used in the company's power tools. You could borrow the battery from your drill in a pinch. A USB port can charge your devices, and a Bluetooth connection to your phone can both gauge the charge and set an alarm to prevent someone from stealing your stroller. And if you're wondering, you can still push the carriage around if the battery is empty -- it'll just require more effort.

The hardware is suitable for single, twin and sibling strollers. Bosch won't sell a model itself, though. Instead, it'll work with partners who'll use the platform for their own baby carriers. Swedish firm Emmaljunga will be first with a stroller due in early 2020, but you can expect more companies to follow suit. There might be a time when a family journey is trivially easy, even if the terrain is rough.