Samsung brings its HDR10+ tech to 8K TVs

Two types of HDR are available for TVs none of us can afford.

Samsung has announced that it will support 8K HDR10+ streaming, meaning 8K movies and other content will have richer colors and deeper blacks on 8K TVs. It said that three European OTT streaming services, Chili, The Explorers and Megogo, will adopt 8K HDR10+ to go along with their 4K HDR10+ content. This is a mostly symbolic announcement for now, as none of those services offer 8K streaming of any kind right now and hardly anyone owns an 8K TV.

Samsung noted that it would be enabling the "world's first" 8K HDR10+ technology. However, since HDR10+ is a Samsung invention designed to do an end run around Dolby Vision, that's not exactly a grand feat. To benefit from HDR10+, consumers would need to have TVs that support it from Samsung or its other partners, including Panasonic and Hisense. Other manufacturers, including LG, have instead announced support for Dolby Vision HDR on 8K.

The different standards have made things confusing for consumers, but Samsung came up with HDR10+ as a cheaper option to Dolby Vision for content producers and TV manufacturers. With 8K being the next TV battleground (though not anytime in the near future, I'd guess), Samsung is clearly trying to win the hearts of streaming services as early as possible.

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