Nintendo won't deliver NES and SNES games to Switch on a regular schedule

You'll just have to be patient if you want a retro gaming fix.

Nintendo's addition of SNES games to the Switch Online catalog comes with a gotcha: they won't necessarily arrive at a steady pace. In sync with a mention on its Japanese website, Nintendo has confirmed to Engadget that its NES and SNES releases "will not adhere to a regular schedule" going forward. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll go without new games for long periods, to be clear -- you just shouldn't expect retro titles to appear like clockwork.

The console maker didn't explain why it's shifting its strategy, although it may be a combination of a more established selection and avoiding conflicts. While Switch Online doesn't have absolutely every retro game players would crave, it now has a decent selection. There's less of a rush to fill things out. Moreover, Nintendo might not want to risk overshadowing classic games by releasing them at the same time as major Switch titles. This gives them both more room to breathe, even if fans will be less than thrilled.