IKEA's remote for its Sonos-powered speakers ships October 1st

It’s more of a smart button than a remote.

When IKEA launched a line of Sonos-powered SYMFONISK speakers last month, the Swedish furniture giant promised an accompanying remote. Spotted by Tweakers, the product page for the puck-shaped controller is now live. The SYMFONISK remote will launch at €14.99 in black and white color options. It will hit the UK and Europe on October 1st, with a North American release likely to follow shortly after.

IKEA's SYMFONISK lineup currently includes a WiFi bookshelf speaker and a speaker/lamp combo. Both products are Sonos compatible and support all the music streaming services you'd expect. Once you've paired the buttonless, puck-shaped remote to your speakers, you can tap it once to pause or play audio, double-tap to fast-forward, triple-tap to skip backwards or twist to adjust volume. The included magnetic mount lets you place the controller on the wall if you don't want yet another remote sitting on your coffee table. That low price is a little misleading; you'll need to buy the $35 Trådfri gateway, which connects to your router and enables IKEA's smart home products to be linked together.

With IKEA's affordable take on smart lighting -- and now Sonos-powered speakers -- just about anyone can join the smart home trend.