'Ring Fit Adventure' is a Switch RPG that makes you work out

It's Wii Fit meets Dragon Quest.

Remember that weird ring peripheral that Nintendo teased last week? Well, the house of Mario has finally revealed what it's for -- a brand new Switch game called Ring Fit Adventure. In this fitness-focused title, you'll be moving the ring and a leg strap -- both of which house a Switch Joy-Con -- to move your character through a fantasy world. Running, for instance, is triggered by lightly jogging on the spot, while flying requires some enthusiastic arm flapping. Bending the ring inward will also create a blast of air that can break crates and launch your character high into the air.

At certain intervals, you'll be thrown into battles. These so-called "fit battles" play out like a traditional turn-based RPG. All of your attacks are triggered by completing a specific pose or stretch, however. Pulling the ring like an archer, for instance, will trigger a Bow Pull, while sitting and crunching your legs will initiate a Knee-to-Chest. The game has four attack types that target different parts of your body -- red (arms), yellow (core), blue (legs) and green (yoga) -- and, notably, are super-effective against similarly colored monsters. Pressing the ring against your stomach, meanwhile, will create a defensive Ab Guard during enemy attacks.

The world will be broken up into courses that, upon completion, reward you with experience points. Levelling up will increase your character's base stats and slowly unlock new skills that can be utilized in battle.

Outside of the campaign, the game will have a Quick Play mode packed with short-burst fitness activities and mini-games. These can be performed on your own -- say, just before work -- or with friends in a party setting.

Ring Fit Adventure will be out on October 18th and, obviously, require a Switch to play. You'll need detachable Joy-Cons, specifically -- so if you're planning on buying a Switch Lite, remember to buy an extra pair of controllers (otherwise you'll have nothing to put in the ring and leg strap.)