‘Yakuza 7’ gameplay trailer reveals wacky features and job classes

Get ready for go-karts and a don’t-fall-asleep-in-the-movie-theater challenge.

We knew that Yakuza 7, or Yakuza: Like a Dragon, was going to shakeup gameplay with turn-based combat. Thanks to a trailer released at Tokyo Game Show, we have a better idea of what that will look like. The gameplay preview shows the new combat style, as well as some insane features and RPG silliness.

It's clear that Yakuza 7 will play lip-service to RPG tropes. It features multiple job classes, each with its own unique battle style. In the "host" class, you'll attack with flowers and champagne, while in the "dancer" class, you'll take people out with breakdancing moves. Your look will change from class to class too -- get ready to breakdance in a bucket hat. The trailer even includes the cheeky line, "Happy ending... just like in Dragon Quest!"

There are plenty of other surprises, like Mario Kart-style go-karts, writing tests and a don't-fall-asleep-in-the-movie-theater game. Thanks to a trailer shared this summer, we already had a sense of the plot. The new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, serves a 18-year prison sentence only to be betrayed by his family. But an updated trailer, also released yesterday, includes a couple extra minutes and English subtitles. The game is still expected to arrive in 2020.