Amazon Prime Video is coming to Optimum set-top boxes

'Mrs. Maisel' and 'Undone' are now on Altice One.

Believe it or not, Prime Video still has some devices left to conquer. Altice has unveiled plans to bring Amazon's service to Optimum and Suddenlink subscribers using the Altice One platform. It'll be available both directly on the set-top box (above) and alongside other included services, and accessible through the voice-savvy remote control. If you want to catch up on Mrs. Maisel or The Boys and don't have another Prime Video device on hand, you'll have a ready-made solution.

You will have to be patient. Altice is only promising access sometime in the "coming months." Nonetheless, it could be welcome news if you're deep into Amazon's ecosystem. Between this and the Alexa-capable Amplify smart speaker, Amazon could have a strong presence in your living room even if you never buy an Echo.