Tinder's first TV show will make you swipe to advance the story

It could even affect your dating picks in real life.

Even Tinder might have trouble resisting the allure of creating an original show to boost its bottom line. Variety tipsters claim the dating service will release an original, six-episode video series in early October that riffs on its app's well-known swipes to drive the story forward. The show is reportedly set in an "impending apocalypse" and asks you who you'd spend your last night with -- a swipe left or right makes your choice. It's even optimized for vertical viewing, the sources said, and could come to other services later.

It sounds a little too on the nose, but the talent behind the production raises some hope. The as-yet untitled show was reportedly directed by Karena Evans. She's a relative newcomer, but has also directed Drake music videos like "In My Feelings" and "Nice For What."

This would also be more than just a promo piece. Tinder apparently wants to use an algorithm that matches you with others based on choices in the series. You might not want to explore "what if" scenarios, then, lest you be paired with someone you'd never date in a million years.

Tinder has declined to comment. It's not certain if this is just the start of a larger initiative or just a one-off, although that could depend on the early reception. If it is a success, we wouldn't be surprised if Tinder made a habit of producing videos. While it's not about to take on the likes of Amazon, Apple or Netflix, it doesn't have to -- it just needs a reason for you to come back besides the usual queue of would-be partners.