Samsung asks users to be extra careful with the Galaxy Fold

It has released a video with care instructions for the device.

Samsung postponed Galaxy Fold's release to fix its issues after an early rollout put damaged units in the hands of reviewers. The redesigned Fold felt sturdier than before when we tried it at IFA, but it sounds like the tech giant still wants you to take extra good care of the device if you buy it. Samsung has published a new care guide video showing the model's features with instructions on what and what not to do when handling it.

It starts with a reminder that the Fold's display comes protected and needs no extra film -- one of the reasons why early units got damaged was because reviewers peeled that layer off. However, the video also advises potential buyers to "use a light touch."

Next, the video explains that the Fold was designed with an articulated spine "inspired by the precision of watch mechanics" and that you should keep it free of water and dust. When Samsung redesigned the device, it added caps to the top and bottom edges of the hinge, because dust was getting into the older hinge design and jamming the mechanism. It's not quite clear why the company still wants you to protect it from dust and how it expects you to accomplish that.

Finally, the company explains that the device uses strategically placed magnets to keep it secure when folded. That's why, according to Samsung, it shouldn't be placed near keys or coins that could damage it. The device also shouldn't be kept near debit or credit cards, which means you can't just dump it into your bag/purse with everything else. Samsung even warns that you may want to consult your doctor before use if you have an implantable medical device.

The video ends with a note that Samsung created the Galaxy Fold Premier Service to help you care for the foldable phone-slash-tablet. You can watch the whole thing below, but here's a one-line summary for you: you may want to think twice about buying the $2,000 device if you're clumsy.