IKEA's AR furniture app now lets you preview an entire room

You'll know if your home is ready for a larger overhaul.

IKEA's augmented reality Place app can be helpful for gauging how furniture will look in your abode, but you've been limited to trying items one at a time -- not much help if you're trying to furnish a new home. Now, though, it's much more practical as a home decor tool. An updated iOS app (the Android equivalent is coming in the "near future") lets you place multiple items at once, whether they're handpicked or part of pre-defined Room Sets. You'll know if that lounge chair and lamp combo fits in with your living room, for instance.

The revamp also allows you to create a profile with a wish list of products you've tried in AR. A "For You" feed, meanwhile, offers a steady stream of collections, new products and suggestions if you're not sure where to start. And if you're the sort who likes to hunt for Easter eggs, you're apparently in for a surprise if you place a SYMFONISK speaker in the room, turn it on and get close. These aren't vital features, but they could give you a reason to return to Place beyond the initial novelty.

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