Samsung brings Note 10's AR and camera features to the Galaxy S10

DeX is also part of the package.

You don't have to spend your days pining for the Galaxy Note 10's software features just because you bought a Galaxy S10 instead. Samsung has started rolling out an update that delivers some of the Note 10's features to the S10 series. Most notably, this includes key camera features. You can now use Super Steady to capture relatively jitter-free footage, switch on Live Focus while recording videos and invoke Night mode for the front-facing camera. You probably won't be clamoring quite so loudly for AR Doodle, but it's there if you want to draw in 3D.

This is also the update you want if you're looking for tighter integration between your S10 and your computer. It adds DeX for PC support to bring a windowed mobile interface to your Mac or Windows system, and Link for Windows provides a fast track to connecting your phone to (you guessed it) Windows.

There's no concrete schedule for when you can expect these features on your phone, but SamMobile has understands it's available now for Exynos-based S10 units in at least Germany and Switzerland. It could be a while before your Snapdragon-based North American phone gets an upgrade. Still, this should help you feel that much better if you've wished for software parity ever since the Note 10 arrived.