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Amazon Sidewalk aims to connect outdoor tech beyond your WiFi range

It can ping you when the mail comes or your dog leaves the yard.

As IoT technology spreads across our homes, keeping devices on our WiFi networks becomes more of an issue. Amazon thinks it has a solution with Sidewalk, which aims to keep low-power, low-bandwidth devices connected despite being far away from your router using, a 900 MHz spectrum.

This network will enable developers to build new products that can be placed farther than the reach of your wireless signal. Amazon cites water sensors to keep the plants in your garden quenched, or a mailbox device to let you know when you've got mail as examples. The company will also be introducing the Ring Fetch, which is a dog tracker that will alert you if your good boy leaves a designated perimeter.

There aren't many details on how Amazon Sidewalk will work just yet, but the popularity of IoT devices could make it a worthwhile addition to smart home ecosystems, especially for homes with limited WiFi range.

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