Amazon's new Alexa-enabled smart oven doubles as an air fryer

Not just a microwave this time.

Move over June, there's a new smart oven in town. On Wednesday, Amazon announced a new smart oven at its fall hardware event. Not to be confused with the AmazonBasics Microwave the company unveiled last year, the Amazon Smart Oven functions as a combination microwave, convection oven, air fryer and food warmer.

Predictably, instead of using buttons to set cooking times -- though it comes with those too -- you can ask Alexa for help. If it's something common like popcorn, the smart oven comes with a variety of presets. When it's time to flip or stir food, the digital assistant will let you know. Alexa will also tell you when your food is finished. You can also use the assistant to scan pre-packaged food. If you do that, Alexa will set the smart oven to the appropriate temperature and cooking time. Every Amazon Smart Oven will come with a free Echo Dot, as there aren't any microphones or speakers built into the appliance. You can pre-order the appliance starting today for $249.99.

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