LG’s first true wireless earbuds come with a germ-killing case

The case features a UV light to keep the earbuds germ free.

Most people don't clean their earbuds anywhere near as much as they should to keep them free of germs, bacteria and unsightly earwax. And while they won't do all the cleaning themselves, LG's latest pair of headphones do have a nifty trick up their sleeve that will appeal to germaphobes. For the company's first pair of true wireless pair of earphones, the Tone+ Free, LG has built a UV light into the charging case that comes with the headphones. LG claims the light will disinfect the Bluetooth headphones anytime you store them to charge.

As for the headphones themselves, they're about what you expect from a pair of true wireless headphones in 2019. LG claims they feature up to six hours of battery life on a single charge. With fast charging, they can get up to an hour of battery life after just five minutes charging. They'll also feature Google Assistant, with a touchpad on the side giving an easy way to launch the digital assistant. Lastly, they're IPX4-certified water-resistant, so they're safe to use at the gym.

LG plans to launch the Tone+ Free in South Korea first. A black model will arrive at the end of October, with a white variant to follow in November. No word yet on US pricing and availability, but we've reached out to LG to find out if the company plans to release the headphones stateside. We'll update this article when we hear back.