The $1,500 smart fitness mirror now offers personal training sessions

Mirror uses its two-way cameras to bring personal trainers into your home.

Last year, the fitness company Mirror launched its signature $1,500 reflective LCD display meant to stream fitness classes into your home. Since then, users have been able to follow along with instructors and see themselves mimicking the moves. Today, Mirror announced a new service: personal training. Through the display's two-way audio and video, users will be able to work one-on-one with trainers in real time.

Mirror will match users with trainers based on their preferred workout activity (i.e. yoga, kettlebell, kickboxing), trainer motivational style, session length and schedule. Each session will cost $40 -- significantly less than most private coaching sessions -- but you'll need to have the pricey display and a monthly subscription, which costs another $39 per month.

"We're democratizing premium fitness experiences and giving anyone access to the best trainers, no matter where you live or how busy your schedule may be," Mirror Founder and CEO Brynn Putnam said in a press release. This sets the company up for future expansions into fashion, beauty and medicine, she added. Though Mirror does still face a few limitations -- like that it must be controlled via an iOS app and doesn't have an Android counterpart yet.

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