Sennheiser’s $200 gaming headset promises 100 hours of battery life

The wireless GSP 370 gaming headset is available today.

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Today, Sennheiser released its latest wireless gaming headset, the GSP 370. The headset's boldest claim is that it offers 100 hours of battery life, thanks to low power consumption and a long-lasting battery. For gamers who play six hours per week, Sennheiser says the GSP 370 can last four months on a single charge, and it can be used while recharging, so there's no need to interrupt gameplay.

The headset works with PC, Mac and PS4. It promises reliable audio with near-zero delay, and of course, the audio quality that Sennheiser brings to all of its products. Like the company's other gaming headsets, the GSP 370 has a noise-cancelling microphone, which minimizes background noise and can be muted by lifting the boom arm. It has a split, padded headband and memory foam ear cushions. Plus, the ear cups are connected with ball-joint hinges, so they'll adjust to the user's face for a custom fit.

Sennheiser's gaming headsets have consistently earned solid reviews and ranked as top gamer picks. We don't expect any less with the GSP 370, which are available starting today for $199.95.

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