Steam's Remote Play Together brings any local multiplayer game online

It rolls out in beta later this month.

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Михаил Руденко via Getty Images
Михаил Руденко via Getty Images

Steam is set to offer a new feature that'll make multiplayer games a more communal experience. Called "Remote Play Together," the feature is designed for shared-screen and split-screen games -- it streams your screen to a friend while capturing their input and streaming it back to you. As Valve's Alden Kroll says, "You are both playing the same game, looking at the same thing." So it's like playing together in the same room, without being in the same room.

The announcement was made on the Steamworks website -- which only devs have access to -- but said that Remote Play Together will enter Steam beta the week of October 21st, and that all local multiplayer, local co-op and split-screen games will be automatically included in the beta.

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