Yamaha's latest EV concepts include two city scooters

The E01 and E02 are built for eco-friendly urban commutes.

Yamaha clearly wants to make a name for itself in electric two-wheelers. It's coming to the Tokyo Motorshow on October 24th with four brand new EV concepts, three of which are built for intercity jaunts. The centerpieces are the E01 (pictured at left) and E02 (right) urban scooters. The E01 is equivalent to a 125cc gas-powered machine and is meant to be larger and comfier than your typical scooter to help with longer trips. It accordingly touts "plenty of range," although Yamaha hasn't said what that would be. The E02, meanwhile, is a 50cc-equivalent scooter with a compact body and a removable battery. It's more for weaving through dense downtown areas than cross-town journeys.

The other two are more adventurous -- literally, in one case. The YPJ-YZ e-bike (below) is reminiscent of competitive motocross bikes and is designed for the rough-and-tumble of the trail. It also stands out through an unusual layout with a split down tube that holds the battery in between. The Land Link concept, meanwhile, is the lone four-wheeler of the bunch and isn't piloted at all -- it's a low-slung autonomous prototype that explores the potential for highly mobile devices with independent control over each wheel.

There's no mention of whether or not any of the two-wheel EVs will reach production, although their practical designs suggest it may be more a matter of "when" than "if."

Yamaha YPJ-YZ e-bike