Recommended Reading: Your AirPods are going to die

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Billy Steele
B. Steele|10.12.19

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Chris Velazco/Engadget
Chris Velazco/Engadget

Everyone's AirPods will die. We've got the trick to replacing them.
Geoffrey A. Fowler,
The Washington Post

If you hopped on the AirPod bandwagon early, your earbuds are likely near the end of their life. The Washington Post details what happens when your true wireless audio accessory stops working, including the fact that "battery service" really just means giving you a new pair and tossing your old ones in the recycling bin.

Online map leads archaeologist to Maya discovery
Zach Zorich,
The New York Times

An archeologist at the University of Arizona once spent $62,000 on a discounted map that covered 35 square miles. He then made a discovery using a public domain lidar map he found online... for free.

Meatless meat is becoming mainstream -- and it's sparking a backlash
Kelsey Piper,

As Beyond Meat and the Impossible Burger hit fast food restaurants and grocery stores nationwide, the debate is heating up on whether or not these foods are a better solution than real meat.

The Next Word
John Seabrook,
The New Yorker

This is what happens when you make a bot read five million words from your archives and then ask it to help write its own story.

The best music of the 2010s

Pitchfork spent six months compiling its "definitive guide to the best music of the 2010s." The result is a number of reports, including the top 200 songs and top 200 albums of the decade.

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Recommended Reading: Your AirPods are going to die