Nest WiFi's range extenders double as smart speakers

Naturally, the device is also compatible with Google Assistant.

The Pixel 4 wasn't the only secret Google couldn't keep from spilling all over the internet. Another device, the Nest WiFi, has been leaked a couple of times before the company's Made by Google event in New York City today. But now it's official. As rumored, Google's new Nest WiFi can be paired to "points," aka beacons, that will help extend the range of your wireless network at home. Not only that, but these Nest WiFi points can double as smart speakers, making them compatible with Google Assistant. This means you'll be able to use your voice to control your WiFi setup, like if you ever want to say "Hey Google, pause WiFi for kids devices."

Google says the Nest WiFi, a follow-up to its Google WiFi mesh system from a few years ago, offers up to 2x faster speeds and 25 percent better coverage. The Nest WiFi can do everything the Nest Mini does, so you can use it to make phone calls or listen to music. To set it up, you just need the Google Home app and, within in minutes, your Nest WiFi will be up and running. Additionally, the Google Home app will make it easy for you to share your WiFi password with guests, test the speeds of your network or prioritize devices in case you're on a work video call.

Nest WiFi arrives on November 4th for $269 for a two-pack, which includes the main router and a point, or you can get a three-pack with two points for $349. The smart WiFi system will be available in three colors: Snow, Sand and Mist, all of which Google says are designed to blend in your home, not tucked away in closet or somewhere behind your TV. Those of you who are interested can pre-order now.

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