Walmart will take on Amazon with discounted third-party products

Sellers will still get their items' full price under the new program.

Walmart wants some of your holiday shopping money, and it has launched a new program that could make you think twice about buying everything from Amazon. According to Bloomberg, the retail giant plans to offer limited time sales on items from third-party vendors on its website. The vendors will still get the full amount they listed their item for, though, which means the company will eat the difference.

As Bloomberg notes, the move is likely a response to similar Amazon programs introduced in the past. Just before the holiday shopping season in 2017, Amazon rolled out "Discount provided by Amazon," which cuts the prices of third-party products without affecting the money sellers get. A few weeks ago, the e-commerce giant also introduced "Sold by Amazon," which allows Amazon to slash third-party product prices in exchange for a guaranteed payout.

Whether or not Walmart's strategy is enough to give Amazon a run for its money -- especially since it's available to "selected sellers and selected items only" -- remains to be seen. Either way, companies competing to offer the lowest prices possible by offering deep discounts sounds like a win for buyers looking for the best deals these holidays.