Walmart's direct-to-fridge delivery service now available in three US cities

The service is available in Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Vero Beach, Florida.

If taking groceries from the front door of your home to your kitchen is too much of a hassle, Walmart wants a word with you. Following an early announcement in June, the retailer's direct-to-fridge InHome Delivery service is now available in the US. Today's launch includes three cities: Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Vero Beach, Florida.

The idea behind the service is that you can order any groceries you may need through the company's mobile app, and then a delivery person will come to your home and stock your fridge for you. Each so-called "associate" wears a camera so as to ensure the safety of the operation.

That said, taking advantage of the service isn't as simple as handing the company the keys to your home, nor is it exactly affordable. To start, you'll need to pay $49.95 for either the Level Home smart lock or Nortek garage door controller its employees will use to enter your home. The company will install your selected device for free. After the first month, there's a monthly fee of $19.95. Moreover, while the subscription gives you access to unlimited deliveries, there's a $30 minimum on orders -- so you can't exactly use the service in a pinch.

As strange as it to have a complete stranger stock your fridge, Walmart is by no means the first company to offer direct-to-fridge delivery. Since the start of the year, Amazon has included a similar offering through its Key service. In fact, over the last year, Walmart has tried its best to match Amazon's different services, going even so far as to offer free next-day delivery. You can see if Walmart delivers to your address by visiting the company's InHome website.

Update 10/15/19 1:03PM EST: This post has been updated to clarify Walmart will install either the Level Home or Nortek device for free once you've purchased it.