There's now a Harry Potter subscription service

And it's pretty expensive.

Everything is a subscription service nowadays, so frankly it's a surprise it's taken so long for the Harry Potter franchise to get in on the action, but that it has, in the form of Wizarding World Gold. The 12-month sub includes a whole bunch of magical treats, including access to all seven ebooks and a new behind-the-scenes video series, collectible pin badges, priority booking for special events and discounts on merchandise from the Wizarding shop, Platform 9¾ store in London's King's Cross Station, and Warner Bros Studio Tour stores in both London and Hollywood.

Also included in the subscription is a personalized, interactive journal called Keys and Curios. This isn't just your run-of-the-mill notebook, though. It comes bearing your name and Hogwarts house, surprise details throughout and "enchanted keys" that can be scanned with the Wizarding World app to unlock hidden content, which will be updated every month. The subscription comes with a fairly hefty price tag, though -- $75 in the US and £60 in the UK -- so it's certainly geared towards to more diehard Potterheads. Still, it might represent good value if it helps fans get hold of those highly sought-after Cursed Child tickets.