Fossil's latest Wear OS watches now make calls using iPhones

They're some of the first Google-powered watches that can manage the feat.

Fossil has acted on its promise to show more love to iPhone users with its Gen 5 smartwatches. An in-progress software update now lets the wristwear make calls using Apple's handsets, making them some of the first Wear OS devices with calling support beyond Android. You won't have to snag an Apple Watch just to handle a can't-miss call while your iPhone stays in your pocket.

The feat relies on proprietary Fossil software, so you won't see this on competing Wear OS watches. However, it's unsurprisingly destined for watches from Michael Kors and other Fossil brands. You'll have to be patient when it may take days or weeks for the upgrade to reach your device. If you can wait, though, this could easily put Fossil out in front if you're looking for a smartwatch that isn't too picky about your choice of phone.