Best Buy takes on Amazon with free next-day deliveries

But only over the holidays.

Best Buy is offering free next-day deliveries over the holidays. The expedited shipping will be available to almost everyone (99 percent of customers) and include almost everything (except heavier items like big-screen TVs and refrigerators). If customers are outside of the next-day zone, they'll still get free standard shipping.

This offer could make Best Buy more of a threat to Amazon, especially because Best Buy's shipping is free and Amazon customers still have to sign up for Prime to get the free delivery perk. For years, Amazon's speedy shipping has been a distinguishing factor, but that might not hold for long. Walmart has also experimented with free, next-day deliveries.

Best Buy is also offering Apple-certified repairs, so you might argue that the retailer is offering the best of Apple and Amazon while also drawing people into its stores.