Google wants to be your guide to Champions League soccer

Find out if your favorite team will survive the season.

The UEFA Champions League has already reached the group stages, but Google wants you to know it has your back for the rest of the season. Search for "Champions League" on Google and you now get a whole suite of tools to follow the competition, including the usual scores, schedules and standings as well as video recaps and detailed news like club lineups and trade rumors. A new wheel makes it easy to see who's facing who.

The special search feature is available on Android, iOS and the web, and it'll keep you updated all the way to the final on May 30th. It might be intimidating if you're a newcomer -- there's a veritable sea of tables and player stats to wade through. It's potentially more sophisticated than what some sports news sites offer, though, and it might be just what you're looking for if you want to know whether your favorite team stands a chance.