Mitsubishi shows off an oddball hybrid buggy prototype

It's a plug-in hybrid SUV experiment.

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At this year's Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi is showing off its oddball hybrid buggy prototype, the MI-TECH Concept. It's meant to look like a rugged off roader with no doors or roof, and it's built with a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) drivetrain. According to the company, it's "designed to be a dynamic buggy-type vehicle that embodies the very essence of Mitsubishi-ness."

Mitsubishi Motors

The prototype has a sleek but blocky design, with t-shaped headlights and taillights. Its lower bumper has aluminum skid plates, and it has raised fenders and wide tires to make sure it can grip through any terrain. Inside, the controls are minimal, but an AR windshield displays info like road and traffic conditions.


Most importantly, the concept allows Mitsubishi to explore using a PHEV drivetrain in a small SUV. There's no guarantee this will lead to a production model, but it's nice to see a hybrid that pushes the envelope.

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