Bang & Olufsen's pricey H8i headphones are currently $250 at Best Buy

The lower price makes them much more competitive.

We liked Bang & Olufsen's H8i headphones between their premium construction, clear audio and comfort, but the $399 price was tough to swallow when the competition offered solid sound for less. Cost won't be an obstacle right now, though. Best Buy has dropped the price of the H8i to $250 as part of a clearance sale, making a pair far easier to justify if you're determined to put that upscale audio on your ears.

The H8i shares some things in common with the higher-end H9i (which wasn't on sale as we wrote this), but there are some key differences beyond cosmetics. It's an on-ear design instead of over-ear, it relies on physical buttons rather than touch and it lacks a removable battery. You do, however, get a much longer and quite competitive 30 hours of battery life with active noise cancellation and Bluetooth enabled. That could make them better-suited to long flights. About the only setback is the relatively low max volume -- you'll want to consider alternatives if you like things loud.

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