Get ready to hear about Quip's new floss dispenser on all your podcasts

It's $20 and you'll need to buy a $5 refillable container every three months.

The podcasts you listen to will never be the same. That's because one of the biggest advertisers in the space, toothbrush subscription startup Quip, finally has a new product. On Tuesday, the company announced a refillable floss dispenser simply called Floss.

You can buy the dispenser for $20 in four metallic colors: silver, slate, copper and gold. Alternatively, if you want to save a bit of money, there's also a plastic one that's $10 less -- but it only comes in a single gray color. It comes preloaded with a single 48-yard container of mint-flavored floss. Each refillable container is $5, and Quip will send you one every three months as part of its subscription service. Handily, the nylon floss features a green mark every 18 inches, letting you the exact dentist-recommend amount you should cut off each time. It's also vegan-friendly.

As far as luxury floss goes, $5 per container is actually reasonable. Cocofloss, the most visible player in the space, sells a single 32-yard container for $9, and a four-piece set for about $30. It says one of its containers will last you approximately two months, which is less than the three months Quip promises with one of its refillable containers. Obviously, both will cost a lot more than simply walking over to your local drugstore and buying floss there, but then Quip has always focused on the convenience of its products over their affordability.

You can buy Floss starting today from Quip's website.

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