Steam's redesigned Library is available to everyone

The update also expands the Remote Play Together beta.

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Valve Software
Valve Software

Your Steam game collection is about to look decidedly different. Valve has released a Steam update that brings the redesigned Library to everyone, giving you a smarter (and hopefully easier) view of your catalog. There's now a central hub with game news, friend activity, recent games and the Collections you create either by hand or with search criteria. You'll also see Events that showcase ongoing activities in games, such as special multiplayer weekends or new add-ons. Think of it as a way to surface a long-lost favorite or keep in touch with what others are playing.

This is also a big update if you miss the days of multiplayer games on the couch. The new version expands the Remote Play Together beta to everyone, not just people using the beta client. Again, this lets you play local multiplayer games across the internet. Only the host needs a copy of the game -- everyone else just needs a mic and a gamepad, if a title doesn't revolve around shared access to the keyboard or mouse. It's not as special as playing in person, but it beats having to delay playing a game with your friends until everyone can meet.

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