Now Hulu subscribers can download and watch offline on Android

Take up to 25 shows and movies to go.

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Dana Starbard / Hulu
Dana Starbard / Hulu

Apple TV+ is just hours from debuting and Disney+ will be here in a couple of weeks, giving Hulu less time to catch up with the pack in terms of streaming features. The video service finally added the ability to download shows for offline viewing earlier this month, but until now it only worked on iOS devices. If you use Android or Amazon's FireOS instead of an iPhone or iPad, then we have good news, now you can download shows and movies too -- perhaps something Halloween themed like Castle Rock season two.

There is one catch -- you need to be a subscriber on the more expensive $12 per month Hulu plan without ads. That also means that going forward, people who choose the $13 ESPN+/Disney+/Hulu bundle won't be able to download videos with the plan.

Either way, it's long past time for Hulu to add the feature -- Apple TV+, Disney+ and HBO Max have all announced they'll have it, and Netflix has supported downloads on some items in its catalog for years.

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