Recommended Reading: The 'fingerprints' of bourbon

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Whiskey webs: Microscale "fingerprints" of bourbon whiskey
Stuart J. Williams, Martin J. Brown, VI and Adam D. Carrithers,
Physical Review Fluids (PDF)

Finish up your weekend with glass of your favorite bourbon. And while you imbibe, these findings from researchers at the University of Louisville (because of course) will keep you company. A team from the school's department of mechanical engineering observed web-like patterns or "fingerprints" when a drop of American whiskey evaporated. The same characteristic isn't present in Scotch whisky or other liquors. What's more, each pattern was a unique indicator of both whiskey type and age.

The ransomware superhero of Normal, Illinois
Renee Dudley,

In a piece co-published with the Chicago Sun-Times and The Pantagraph, Pro Publica tells the story of a programmer and repair store employee who has helped hundreds of thousands of ransomware victims recover their files.

Jeff Bezos's master plan
Franklin Foer,
The Atlantic

An in-depth look at the mindset of the Amazon CEO that includes plans for space, how he runs his company and government contracts.