Microsoft's new Office app for mobile combines Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Making and signing PDFs on-the-go should also be easier.

Microsoft's having a busy Monday morning, and for anyone that uses Office on the go, its new app might be the major gamechanger.

The company's newly unveiled Office app is an attempt to put everything you might need in one place. Instead of grabbing separate apps for Word, Excel and Powerpoint (aka the Office Triforce), today's public preview puts them all together.

The app also includes a new Actions pane that should be especially effective for document editing on-the-go. Microsoft says you'll be able to create and sign PDFs with ease from your tinier smartphone screens, and sharing files has also been simplified and streamlined.

The Office app also makes better use of your phone's talents, with the ability to take a photo of a document and turn it into an editable Word file on the fly, or even do the same with printed-out tables in Excel. Details ahead of today's launch were otherwise a little scarce -- but nevermind, you can test them out for yourself. The Office app preview is available on Google Play now, and for iOS users that are using Testflight. There's no date yet for when the app will launch outside of preview.

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