Deezer reminds everyone it has podcasts with a dedicated section

A dedicated section helps you browse the latest shows.

Deezer wants to remind you that Spotify isn't the only streaming service to include podcasts. It's rolling out a "Shows" tab on iOS (Android and the web are coming later) that's dedicated to podcasts, radio shows and other non-music material. It divides audio into 15 top-level categories like comedy, education and fiction, and you can dive into sub-categories for more specific topics like parenthood. You'll also find podcast recommendations, and you can add any material to your personal library whether or not you're a paying Deezer subscriber.

The feature is currently available in the US, UK and eight other countries. This probably won't have you rethinking your use of Spotify (or Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts). It doesn't have to, however. This appears to be aimed more at existing Deezer users who want to discover new podcasts and listen without splitting their attention between multiple apps.

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