Amazon discounts Prime subscriptions by $40 for veterans

You can also take advantage of the promotion if you're a current armed forces member.

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With Veterans Day coming up, Amazon has launched a new promotion aimed at armed forces members. Starting today and until November 11th, if you've served in the military, or are a current active duty or reserve member, you can get $40 off the first year of an Amazon Prime subscription. If you're already a subscriber, fret not: you can use the promotion as a way to extend your membership at a discount.

At $79, the add-on is even cheaper than it was before Amazon raised its price from $99 to $119 last year. Not that anyone needs a breakdown of Prime anymore, but in addition to free one- and two-day shipping, it includes access to Prime Video and Prime Music, among other perks. Prime Video, in particular, has become surprisingly good in the last year.

A couple of restrictions to note before jumping on the deal: you can't take advantage of the discount if you're already a Prime Student subscriber. Additionally, it's not possible to use Amazon and partner rewards points to make the subscription even cheaper.

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