Adobe will add livestreaming to apps so designers can share their skills

Creative Cloud apps will eventually have baked-in streaming functionality.

The annual Adobe MAX conference -- where the company showcases its Creative Cloud applications -- always includes previews of upcoming features. One of this year's sneak previews gave users a glimpse of a feature inspired by Twitch and YouTube. According to The Verge, Creative Cloud apps will eventually have built-in streaming options, allowing artists and designers to broadcast their workflow for others to learn from.

The streaming function seems simple enough; users just hit a button to start broadcasting and receive a link they can share with anyone who wants to watch them work. Viewers can also comment and ask questions. The ability to watch a Creative Cloud expert at work could be helpful for a variety of use cases. Currently, many digital artists use services like Skillshare and Patreon to teach skills and earn some extra income, something they could do right in Adobe's apps going forward. Being able to stream a workflow and take real-time questions will be a big draw for both instructors and learners. Professional designers, editors and animators can stream to clients and get instant feedback. Freelancers could also collaborate more smoothly with partners, reducing back-and-forth file swapping and revisions.

Adobe is currently beta testing its streaming technology with select users of Adobe Fresco, an iPad app that mimics real-life media like oil paints and charcoals. This new feature and Adobe's other "sneaks" cap a busy week of news from the company, headlined by the long-awaited iPad version of Photoshop hitting the app store. The company is also releasing a mobile version of Illustrator, which will arrive in 2020; both those apps will presumably work with these new livestreaming features when they become more widely available. We've reached out for more details and will update the post if we hear back from Adobe.