Facebook will help military veterans become AR and VR engineers

It's part of the Military and Veterans Hub initiative.

Facebook has launched a new resource hub to help veterans and serving members of the military improve their digital literacy and find new employment opportunities. As part of the venture -- undertaken in partnership with mentoring organization SCORE -- Facebook will be launching a 12-month career development program focused on AR and VR engineering, aimed at veterans with backgrounds in electrical and mechanical engineering, and computer science.

Facebook says that the initiative is designed to "help us solve global challenges." Indeed, many vets already possess the transferable skills needed to work in this area, and equipping them with further skills in the ever-developing digital world -- as well as getting Facebook onto their resumes -- has the potential to make a significant impact on their lives post-service.

Elsewhere in the Military and Veterans Hub, members can access resources for finding jobs, digital training, mentoring and workshops on starting a business. There are already a number of tools across Facebook aimed at helping veterans and members of the military -- this hub consolidates all of these resources into one place, and will act as a go-to for US businesses that are particularly keen to hire vets. As Frank Diaz, a veteran and owner of Tin Hut BBQ, says, "As a veteran who hires other veterans for my business, I know that it's going to be immensely helpful to veterans-run or affiliated businesses all over the US."